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* Free PERL script
* Very easy to set up and use
* Easy to use web based configuration. Built in web server, simply type: perl --webserver
* Builtin primitive (beta) web chat (works together with your IRC clients)
* Easy comment and bugreport system. Just type: perl --comment or perl --bugreport
* Can be controlled from a query-window
* Generates config file based on what modules are available (no need to add config options when adding a script or module)
* Downloads updates and updates itself while running (notifies you if a restart is required)
* Platform independent. Should work on about 50 different platforms!
* Extensive and easy module support. Easy to write own scripts or modules.
* Extensive configuration file that lets you controll just about everything
* Caches lots of information from the server to speed up response time and lower traffic to server
* Translation support (Lets you translate or download translation file for any language)
* Keeps your nick on IRC even when your'e offline
* Single process (for those with restricted shells)
* Support for (almost) unlimited servers/nicks/chans (servers will restrict number of channels) in config
* Shares a single IRC connection to (almost) unlimited ammount of clients
* Lets you bind to different incoming and outgoing IP's
* Does not require root/administrator privelegies
* Does not require any extra libs or programs
* Away logging (logs relevant text such as privmsg/query while your'e away) and remembers it between sessions
* Prints a message/performs commands, changes nick and sets away when connections drop below    specified amount
* Still under development, and only in startup phase..
* Covers all your daily bouncer needs and more

Check versions for a more up-to-date feature-list...

As I said, it's all good!

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