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Welcome to the official PimpBNC website!
PimpBNC is a modular PERL IRC bouncer that runs on most platforms. It serves as an excelent platform if you want to develop your own IRC stuff. Sample modules, instructions and a functioning bot-module is included.


Version 0.9.3 released!


2003.10.17 - Version 0.9.2 released!
Important bugfixes related to protocol handling, rewrote HTTP server to support files/CGI-scripts/PimpBNC-modules, fixed and upgraded away-module, added more help-messages, very primitive web-chat module, menus for available commands, plus much more...

2003.05.24 - This is what the web-configuration looks like
2003.04.03 - Pages now hosted by Sourceforge
2003.04.01 - PimpBNC 0.9.1 has been released!
Rewrote major parts of the code, restructured much of it. Pretty much everything is re-though. :)

Loads of new features; web-interface to ease configuration, feedback forms to ease reporting comments or bugs, better configuration file interpreter, many more configuration options, away-system with logging, more hooks, feature to automatically update whole or parts from web while running, tells user when a update is available on wen, optional logging to clients, safe-mode, developer mode (for bug-hunting), better logging (with module/line number), different log levels, more reuse of code in kernel, better argument handling, core translation (soon also between users on IRC), many bugfixes, fancy logos added, help system, etc...

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